Location, location, location

Mulholland Drive, Hollywood Bowl Lookout Point.

I recently started a part-time gig with a location scouting agency. It’s pretty straightforward; I’m assigned a set of locations that I shoot, then I process the images for the website. I’ve gotten to shoot some pretty cool places so far - Hollywood nightclubs, upscale restaurants, amazing homes in the Hollywood hills. But aside from that, what’s pretty cool about this gig is that it’s getting me into neighborhoods I wouldn’t normally go to because I don’t have a reason to, or don’t think about it, etc. (I mean, it’s not like I know anyone who lives up on Mulholland Drive, or in one of those fancy mansions in Hancock Park, you know?)

For all that I say I like to explore, oftentimes I find it’s easier for me to just go about my comfortable routine. Which means I don’t see new things, like that cool little ice cream shop in the next neighborhood over. Or that awesome, tree-lined avenue that would be a great addition to my “play of light” series. Or the abandoned businesses that would be a fun little series in and of itself. I now have a mental list - that I will soon be turning into a physical list - of all the great new stuff I want to take photos of. And another thing for me to keep in mind? Is that when I’m done with my last shoot of the day, there is no reason why I shouldn’t take a different route home, see what pops up along the way, and then… stop and take some shots. Like the Hollywood sign from the lookout point on Mulholland Drive. Carpe diem.

Yeah, life is sweet.

The world-famous Hollywood sign, seen from the Hollywood Bowl Lookout Point on Mulholland Drive.

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