Play Me, I’m Yours

My fellow photo intern at the Clippers, Michael, let me know about a traveling art installation called “Play Me, I’m Yours,” where pianos are set up all over a city for people to play and enjoy. I was lucky enough to hit five of the 30 pianos set up before the installation closed: L.A. Live, Union Station, Chinatown, Santa Monica and the Variety Building. I was only at each location for maybe 5-15 mins or so, but it was still fun to see who stopped and played. I’ve posted my favorite shots from Chinatown and Santa Monica below:

The piano in Chinatown. The quote underneath reads "music in the soul can be heard by the universe. - Laotzu"

The piano at Santa Monica Pier.

The installation’s next stop is in Salt Lake City, UT, in June.

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